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We Don’t Need Super-man

21 Apr

At the Facebook group “ Feminism“,

Mavis Mantis posed the question: “Why can’t we just abolish all militaries and all governments? What are we fighting for?”

Because men created patriarchy and because all of the systems created out of patriarchy such as the military’s and the governments are systems that support patriarchy; we must abolish patriarchy and male rule to get rid of its military’s and governments. The truth however is that some of the fuel for all of the above systems has been and continues to be female energy, female blood & female sacrifice; consequently, females must remove their energy, their blood and their sacrifice from patriarchy in order to starve it and ultimately kill it. Ironically, females are not being represented in the very social system that they are fueling. Females continue to be oppressed & victimized by male hatred stemming from male fear and yet females continue to exist within this enemy system, supplying men and the system with their precious energy. Females have done this to survive–yes–but now they must wake up and do more than survive. Females need to act and create positive change. Females need to get humans back on track as stewards of our planet, instead of supplying their energy to the male parasites bent on destroying it.

Patriarchy and all systems created out of the same are masculine systems and they come from masculine ideas of what our world should be and how it should be run and they are all a barbaric digression from evolution. The ideals of violence, oppression and exploitation must be eradicated because these ideals do not in any way represent female ideals and they do not in anyway represent human evolution and growth. To begin the process of growing again, of evolving again, we must abolish social systems that dismiss and oppress the female half of human population. With masculinity alone, we have death and destruction, war and famine. All of our plights are because of a lack of female energy–and too much male energy. The human male is extremely dangerous and a threat to all life and our planet, especially when the human male is not tempered by opposing female energy. This is what ails us and our planet. In Native American culture, females are essential to providing this balance of male / female energy. With respect for females comes a respect for nature, without this, nature suffers and we can see this suffering all around us.

Until these truths are realized, until all females are able to name the problem, name their oppressors through gaining knowledge about the same, change will be extremely slow.  However, until then, females will infiltrate all places of power.  Females will continue to chip away at patriarchy’s foundation from the inside, by adding their voices and female ideals, their opposition to masculine destruction. Females will represent females because males have not and will not. Females will represent all living creatures on our planet, because males have not and will not. Females will represent Mother Earth because males have not and will not.

We don’t need superman.

Females will save the day.