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Patriarchy + Fear + The American way of killing + Males + Mental Illness + Testosterone = Mass Murder.

25 Jul

Michael Moore wrote this article analyzing what he thinks are the reasons for the Colorado mass murders, titled “It’s the Guns–but We All Know It’s Not the Guns”,

Much like the movie “Bowling for Columbine” he comes to the same conclusion, that it is the American way of fear mongering which leads to a lot of gun violence.  That our political arena and mass media pumps out fear on a constant basis and shows us very prompt ways to feel better, to not be so afraid, to not feel like a victim, to pick up a gun and blast away at what you are afraid of. I usually like Michael Moore’s analysis, and I equally liked “Bowling for Columbine” however, he is no different than other non-feminists, especially men, who will not do a thorough analysis looking at all variables such as patriarchy and eliminating variables that are not a factor such as females out of the equation of male violence. Mass murder sprees like the one at the movie theater have never been committed by women– never. Gun deaths in America are mostly committed by men, some say the statistic is as much as 97%. So if the American way is killing what you fear and using guns is just convenient, then why has this  affected men 97% of the time and women 3%?  Why aren’t we looking at this disparity and using it in our analysis instead of lumping females into male categories, deeming them guilty by association for male violence?  Predominantly, historically, it hasn’t been human nature to kill, but instead male nature. Within human nature there is also female nature and her nature has proven to be nonviolent. Even though this fact is glaringly obvious, written in all of our historical documents, we as a society do not consciously recognize it as true. Why?

I believe one of the reasons is that we don’t separate female behavior out from male behavior because in patriarchy males are the default sex representing both sexes and females and their behaviors including nonviolence, are obscured behind males and their behaviors including violence. We all have this mentality and because we think this is normal, we do not question its validity. It is men who do most of the killing worldwide and yet this is never mentioned and this article is no different. How can we fix the problem if we don’t name the perpetrators? If most gun deaths are committed by men and fear + the American way of killing is to blame for this, then why are men the only ones affected by this phenomenon? Normally Michael Moore will look at all of the variables but in the case of looking at men solely as the problem, he falls short and this is the norm in our society. He writes an article about how it isn’t guns, and goes onto surmise that it is the American Way of killing out of fear that is the culprit; however, he doesn’t take his research even further. Why? Why not include and eliminate all variables? Why not get to the  bottom of the analysis, to the Naked Truth? Perhaps he too, like all of us sheeple who have been socialized in patriarchy, is brainwashed into believing that patriarchy is the only type of society and that the male sex is the only sex that matters;  therefore, he never even considers females or their behavior in his analysis at all.

If Moore did do a thorough analysis, he would add in patriarchy, a male dominated society with a dominant masculine culture, he would then need to ask the question; how does a patriarchal society that is based on masculine ideals play into this? Who is pumping the American people full of fear and images of shooting the enemy? If our government & political system & our mighty corporations are all predominantly run by men who have masculine, violent, greedy and sinister intentions to control the American people, then patriarchy and the imbalance of female energy could play a significant role in this problem. If we then take it down to an individual level, the man who committed mass murder, could it be mental illness? And if yes, why don’t females with the same mental illness go on mass murder sprees? Could it be because males are socialized to be violent outwardly and females are socialized to be violent against themselves? Therefore if men have mental illnesses, they would reach for guns and commit mass murders and females would try to harm themselves? Could testosterone play a role as well along with the mental illness? Since males have mostly testosterone and females very little, could the mental illness and the testosterone be an issue, especially at the age of both shooters (and most mass murderers) when their testosterone was at the highest (in Colorado for example, at Columbine and at the movie theater), could this have played a part? Or could it even be the fragile male ego and insecurities, lack of emotional development on top of the rest of issues? Do all of these factors add up to a perfect storm; patriarchy + fear + the American way of killing + males + mental illness + testosterone  = mass murder?

If that is true then what is the reason for male violence worldwide? Why is there an epidemic of male violence against females? Why is the male sex so violent? Because we aren’t looking at variables such as patriarchy and eliminating variables such as women in trying to figure out these mass murders and for most of the violence on planet earth, we continue to be impotent in finding a solution. By looking at patriarchy and the imbalance of female input into patriarchal societies, which would be nonviolent solution making and cooperation, we ultimately have societies like America that have an epidemic of gun shootings predominantly committed by men.

Michele Braa-Heidner