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Starving the Vampire

15 Sep

To be the women behind the men is what women do in patriarchy. Putting their energy into men because they have never been taught to put it into themselves, to be selfish, the state of being that all men enjoy. Women prop men up, help them achieve power, even though men are already ordained to do so without question in the society they made for themselves. For men its a win, win. For women and life on earth a lose, lose. Women have been trained to be men from birth and to despise women. They are fragmented, a part of them feeding men, pushing them forth, giving birth to men so that they will be something in this life, because women know they can not. The other fragment  looks down on their female selves and all other women, blaming themselves and other women for male violence, for the victimization of the female, the victimization of themselves.  To be a woman is not cool, good  or right. It is so deeply ingrained in women that women do it kinetically. It is the ultimate natural unnatural, the slight of hand, the reversal of reversals.  As Mary Daly brilliantly wrote in her book “Pure Lust”.

  “Within the Virulent State of phallocracy, ***women have been attacked and divided against our Selves***. From the earliest times of the patriarchy, countless mothers have been broken and the resulting broken daughters have carried on the chain of fragmentation. . . .”

“They have been reduced to responding to the fettered/fathered urge to reproduce their altered–(that is, patriarchally identified selves)– in an endless circle of Self destruction. Such forcibly altered women have appeared to be normal within the man made milieu.”

It’s extremely horrifying to be a woman and to know this. To live day to day breathing in the poison of patriarchy and watching the male beast in action, pissing on everything that lives and devouring its own tail. It takes all of my will not to cut off my breath and pluck out my eyes. Then when I think I can bear no more, I see my sisters unknowingly supporting them like the Stepford Wives on TV but worse– oh so much worse– liberal sex positive feminist Stepford Wives. I cannot bare it. To know it with your soul that women are trained to be the sustenance for men, the blood and energy that supports them, that keeps them ruling our world and destroying it. To know this and to see it play out in front of me no matter where I look, it is inescapable– even in my minds eye. We can’t change men or stop them from being megalomaniacs, but we can stop feeding them and patriarchy with our energy and blood. Women must, because our existence depends on it, understand that men are vampires and women are their food. Understand that women are the only human beings who can be trusted with the charge of our planet, and it is time that we put our arms around Her once again. I would gladly die if I were promised that all women would know this horrible truth and with this truth cut off the food source. Starve it so that it dies, so that the almighty “he” dies forever……..