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Swimming with Sharks

1 Nov

I was thinking about the question; do women in patriarchy oppress other women? My answer would be no because women unlike men do not have the social or economic status to be able to oppress other women in patriarchy;  however, there are a lot of women who dislike women and there is a good reason for this.  Today’s females are mere surface reflections of who they could be. A female’s natural state of being was stolen by men and replaced with a male prescribed female who is by design dependent on men. Because of this theft, the theft of the authentic female, females are only fragments of who they could be — their power as autonomous females is buried underneath the male prescribed female — the false female. Because of this, females hover on the surface, like wounded sharks who wash in with the tide, too exhausted to resist. Sharks naturally swim freely in the depths of the ocean, except when they are wounded, they wash up on the shore and attack whatever or whoever they come in contact with. Females similarly are operating on the surface of who they are, attacking inwardly and outwardly themselves and other females because other females are a mirror image of their own wounds, their own imprisonment and their own surface fraudulent selves.

Females who are born into patriarchy have a constant fight within themselves. There is a voice deep within their depths that comes from their authentic selves that is being smothered by the male voices — the patriarchal voices, that comes from their fraudulent selves. This produces a feeling of suffocation and a constant level of anxiety. Most females because of all of these factors then have to differing degrees a form of self hatred that they project outwards towards other females. This self hatred comes from a deep knowing that they are harboring a fugitive, their own authentic self. In addition, females have been taught to fill the emptiness where their authentic self should be with men therefore men are not only needed but a matter of life or death. Females defend males in this atmosphere because they have learned to do this out of survival and because they have been taught and therefore are afraid that without men and the male prescribed female, they would be completely empty, without any identity, any self worth. So by defending men, they defend themselves or what they think is themselves, unknowingly, defending a false self that is the real enemy. This is a form of Stockholm’s syndrome and all females born into patriarchy suffer from this to varying degrees.

That said, of course all females are individuals bringing to the table their own experiences and baggage therefore with the above in mind, at the starting gates, females are flawed, not because they are inherently flawed, the idea that we are also force fed by patriarchal religions, but because of patriarchy and the male prescribed dependent female that all females have been force fed. Because of this, all females end up being addicts, addicted to the male gender. Then on top of this, females also have nature/nurture to contend with. They are genetically linked to their parents and they are also nurtured by their parents; therefore, depending on these variables, they become who they are and they pass this onto their young. If for example a female is born and then she is force fed the male prescribed female and then abused physically and sexually, we then have a female who has all the odds against her, a recipe’ for disaster or catharsis, depending on the female.

The norm however, the foundation for all females is the male prescribed female and this alone, the theft of the authentic female, has been and continues to be devastating.  Consequently, because of this devastation, she lashes out at her sisters. We can expect this. The only weapon we have as females is our courage and tenacity to gain buried knowledge without and within ourselves. We need to use knowledge as a beacon to light our way though the labyrinth, beyond the male prescribed female, into our own internment and to ultimately free our authentic selves. We have to dig until our fingers are bloody to get to Her. Then once She is free. Once She is whole again. Once She is in love with Herself again, She will naturally be connected in love with Her Sisters.

Michele Braa-Heidner